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"A Seat On The Aisle, Please!"

Half of all women will experience some form of debilitating pelvic disease or discomfort during their lifetime. These will include chronic urinary tract infections, various kinds of incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse, and interstitial cystitis. There has been a tendency to dismiss many symptoms of these disorders as an inevitable consequence of the aging process or, worse still, as indicators of underlying psychological disease. This concise new book suggests a new approach to urinary tract disorders is long overdue. It sympathetically explains what these diseases are and what women can do to get themselves properly diagnosed and treated. Please feel free to ask questions or to book an appointment with us for treatment. EK 

Elizabeth Kavaler, MD Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler Managing Partner, Urologist, Urogynecologist, Urological Surgeon, "A Seat On The Aisle, Please!" Author.