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To: Our Patients of Total Urology Care 

Re: New Laser Therapy for Vaginal Dryness and Painful Intercourse

Many of our patients, or their partners, experience vaginal dryness, and pain with intercourse. Most are post-menopausal or have undergone medical treatments that have impacted their estrogen production. Lubricants and estrogen products are often ineffective, uncomfortable, and expensive. Some women, either from shyness or dissatisfaction with these treatments, find intercourse too challenging and feel that it is no longer an option for them.

We are writing to announce a new, in-office, procedure that restores vaginal lubrication naturally, relieves daily discomfort from dryness and allows women to enjoy sexual intercourse again. We are genuinely excited to be the first Urogynecological private practice in New York City to be offering this new procedure in the comfort and privacy of our office.

The procedure involves a gentle laser treatment called the Mona Lisa Touch. It requires no anesthesia, is performed in less than five minutes, and is FDA approved. The Mona Lisa Touch reverses the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, improves natural lubrication, and restores healthy tissue.

Dr. Kavaler has herself tried the Mona Lisa Touch, and is completely satisfied with its safety and efficacy.  That is another reason why we are so confident and excited to offer this advancement in women’s health care to our patients.

The treatment can be repeated annually, and the first follow-up is included in the cost of the procedure.

Please contact Michelle Bagonyi to schedule a consultation. She can be reached by phone 212-218-3900 or email at to schedule a consultation. 


Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D.  Lauren Schulz, DO


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