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Dr. Kavaler is so wonderful and dedicated to women's health care. I just completed my third MonaLisa treatment and very pleased with the results. I have no regrets with the procedure outcome and have noticed incredible improvement in my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Kavaler for your warm kindness you have shown to me. FIVE STARS for an amazing Doctor!




Dr. Kavaler performed the MonaLisa Touch on me and "It really changed my life greatly" I experienced vaginal dryness, burning and painful intercourse for the last 5 years. After this procedure, these symptoms were virtually gone. Thank you Dr. Kavaler I am so glad to have found you. The office is so beautiful and her staff was amazing too.

-Cynthia D.





Dr. Kavaler was so helpful and professional. In my experience, the Mona Lisa touch changed everything for the better. I was having painful sex due to dryness. After three sessions of the Mona Lisa touch, I no longer have any pain or dryness. Dr. Kavaler and her staff made it easy for me. I'm delighted and amazed by the results.

-Ruth P.





I'm so glad Dr. Kavaler recommended the Mona Lisa treatment. After just one treatment, I am significantly better. After having 2 surgeries with Dr. Kavaler over the past 10 years, I know she always always offers her patients the most current least invasive treatment options.

-Michelle F.




Before having the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, I experienced intense vaginal dryness, burning, and pain. This feeling of total discomfort had lasted for close to ten years. After this procedure, these symptoms were virtually gone. All that was required were three, quick, painless laser treatments. Relief occurred after immediately with continued improvements occurring after each of the final two treatments. It really changed my life greatly!

-Karen D. 




I have completed all 3 treatments of Mona Lisa Touch with Dr. Kavaler and I have been very satisfied with the results. I will HIGHLY recommend this procedure for any woman who is suffering from the pain of Vaginal Atrophy. Dr. Kavaler and her staff are very professional and very caring.

-Diana D.




Mona Lisa Touch procedure is definitely worth it! I was truly amazed with the improvements after the very first treatment. Thank you Dr. Kavaler I am so grateful to have found you.

-Rose V.




An amazing treatment that Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler performs. As a woman that has gone through menopause my body has changed and I found myself having sexual intercourse less and less due to physical changes. I felt that this was just a normal process and there was nothing that could be done to improve my sexual experience and saw intimacy as being in the past. I went for a consultation with Dr. Kavaler on this treatment and thought it was a going to be a lot of hope and pray that it would actually work. After having the Mona Lisa Touch treatment I found that it works completely. I now am able to have sexual intercourse with much better enjoyment and more regularly. This procedure has greatly changed my enjoyment and that of my husbands as well. I would recommend the Mona Lisa Touch to any woman that is experience dryness and is forced to stop intimacy as this will change your outlook and improve your pleasure and enjoyment. Thank you Dr. Kavaler.

-Gabrielle L.




I have been a patient of Dr. Kavaler's for years. She helped me when I had a prolapsed bladder with amazing results and most recently underwent the procedure/laser with Mona Lisa Touch. Very fast, pretty painless and most importantly, great results!!! I feel like a teenager again while having sex! Absolutely 100% worth doing.

-Rachel C.




I am so THANKFUL to have found such a heartwarming Doctor like Dr. Kavaler. I would definitely recommend The MonaLisa Touch treatment to anyone who thought sex after menopause was over. Results were a dream come true! Dryness gone and the fear of painful intimacy also gone. Thank you Dr. Kavaler and your wonderful staff.

-Christine D.


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