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Something We Want For You To Know Before Your Visit

Your visit to Total Urology Care of NY will be comprehensive. It is also likely your appointment will take longer than you might anticipate. There are a few things we would like you to know.

Our office is fully equipped with a highly trained, compassionate support staff, sonogram machines in every exam room, endoscopes, urodynamics, two procedure rooms for office-based surgery, and an on-site lab. Every urological evaluation and procedure can be achieved on site at TUC, and usually in one visit. This saves you time, and typically allows us to give you immediate answers and treatments.

It’s important to understand that our practice is unique. We are a specialty practice, not a general medical office. All of our patients, unless they are here for a follow up visit, have complex urological issues. With our ability to do every urological evaluation and multiple procedures, many appointments at TUC can take longer than 15 minutes. Sometimes as long as two hours.

So we hope you will understand that your wait time, and your time with the doctor (and our staff) will be longer than a wellness visit with your general practitioner. It is because we are giving every patient the evaluation, treatment and conversation time they need to understand their condition and ongoing care.

Please plan for extra time when you come to see us, and please be understanding if you have to wait longer than you planned. We’re extremely confident that the wait is worth the level of care that is our promise to you.


Elizabeth Kavaler, MD
Medical Director, Total Urology Care of NY

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