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Our all female physicians at Total Urology Care help women overcome painful sex and other sexual problems, unique to women, including loss of desire and orgasm. They will answer all your questions, without any judgment, about how your body works, from the most basic to the complex. Many times the answer involves less of a medical approach, and more information and connection with your partner. Either way, we’ll help you get back to a more fulfilling intimate life by increasing your knowledge, helping you manage your pain, frustration, lack of desire or completion.

Female Sexual Health Q & A

Sexual health concerns involve deeply personal questions, the complex world of relationships, and worries about physical shortcomings. You can count on the compassion and understanding you’ll receive from the team at Total Urology Care of New York.The quality of your sex life revolves around many facets of your physical, emotional and psychic health. We’re here to talk you through it and help you understand how to improve your sexual well-being.

What causes painful sex and what is availalble to treat it?

Painful sex, or dyspareunia, develops from many possible causes. Lack of lubrication and tight muscles are two problems that can develop due to physical and emotional issues.

When estrogen levels decline at menopause, your vagina may become dry, less elastic, and fragile, which leads to painful intercourse. This condition, called vaginal atrophy, affects as many as half of all postmenopausal women. Other times, it may be that you need more time or stimulation for your body to respond and lubricate. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll figure things out.

You’ll receive the appropriate treatment for any underlying health conditions. If your physical health is fine, our physicians will find the solution that improves your sex life, from behavior modification to medical options.

What other problems affect women’s sexual health?

The female team at Total Urology Care of New York can help with every aspect of your sexual health. These are a few examples of common sexual problems they treat:

  • Loss of sexual desire, or low libido
  • Impaired arousal, or lack of lubrication
  • Inability to achieve an orgasm, either delayed orgasm or no orgasm

Many women experience these problems, either occasionally or all the time. Like painful sex, each one has many possible causes.

You don’t need to accept painful sex or other sexual problems as something you just have to live with. The team at Total Urology Care of New York can help you overcome female sexual health problems to regain a healthy, enjoyable sex life. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

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