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In-Office Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

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Some diagnostic and therapeutic services can be uncomfortable. If an office procedure is recommended, we will offer you the option of having it performed awake or under sedation with nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. 

In-Office Sedation (Nitrous Oxide) Q & A

What is in-office anesthesia?

In-office anesthesia is the practice of administering mild to moderate anesthetic drugs in an outpatient setting. The goal is to induce relaxation and unconsciousness while maximizing patient comfort and minimizing the cost and time spent in a medical setting.

Some procedures that can be completed in-office at Total Urology Care of New York include:



Botox Injections for Overactive Bladder

Who is eligible for in-office anesthesia?

The team determines if you’re a good candidate based on an evaluation of your medical history, the type of procedure being performed, and the level of care needed. However, most eligible patients are in good health with minimal risk.

What are the advantages of in-office anesthesia?

In-office anesthesia for minor procedures include:

  • Avoids going to the hospital
  • Same day procedures in the comfort of our office
  • Reduced costs associated with hospital care
  • Faster recovery

Working with the same staff and being in a familiar setting helps you stay comfortable both before and after your procedure. You also receive intimate care and heightened privacy in a familiar and comfortable office setting.

Are there any risks with in-office anesthesia?

While the anesthetic drugs used are completely safe, there are some minor risk factors to consider before scheduling an in-office procedure. Inevitably, there are fewer anesthetic techniques and personnel in comparison to a hospital setting. However, the team at Total Urology Care of New York takes into consideration your medical history, comfort, and needs to ensure your maximum comfort before scheduling your procedure, and will carefully lay out all of your options.

In general, the side effects of anesthesia can include dizziness, nausea or vomiting, and grogginess.

What is the recovery time like after receiving in-office anesthesia?

Like anesthesia administered in a hospital setting, most people awake shortly after the procedure with in-office anesthesia. You may remain groggy for a short time afterward, and anesthesia may remain in your system for up to a week, though you’ll likely no longer notice the effects of it after a few hours.

To learn more about your anesthesia options, call Total Urology Care of New York or schedule a consultation online today.

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