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Second opinions can give you the assurance you need that you are making the right choice. We work closely with all our physician colleagues, but we’re fearless about telling you what we see, even if it differs from what you are being told. That’s a major reason Total Urology Care is a private practice, so we can think independently of what’s good for hospital business and not fear differing with our colleagues.

Second Opinion Q & A

When should I get a second opinion?

You should get a second opinion any time you face a difficult decision about your health care or , you’re not sure what to do., or your gut is telling you the advice you are getting does not seem right.  You may have questions about whether treatment can wait, if the recommended test or procedure is necessary, or even if your diagnosis is right.

It’s also important to get a second opinion when you’re told you need surgery. Doctors expect you to get a second opinion before deciding about something as major as surgery, and a fresh evaluation may provide new options.

You may also seek a second opinion if:

  • You have multiple medical problems
  • The recommended treatment is risky or experimental
  • You’re not responding to your current treatment
  • You have a choice of treatments or tests
  • Your health insurance provider requires a second opinion

New treatments are constantly being developed and treatment protocols change. It takes an expert in urology to keep up with the best options, to identify all the factors influencing your health, and determine when you may avoid treatment by making lifestyle changes.

How do I get a second opinion?

The first step is to talk with your current doctor and let them know you’d like a second opinion. Your doctor won’t — or shouldn’t — take offense because second opinions are routine in the medical world.

Then you’ll need to request all your medical records and any test results, including diagnostic imaging and lab work, and schedule an appointment at Total Urology Care of New York. When you go in for your second opinion, your doctor reviews all your information, then performs a thorough physical exam and orders additional testing if needed.

Our team at Total Urology Care of New York will treat you as a whole person rather than a cluster of symptoms. They became doctors to help people, not just treat disease. They’re well-trained, always listening, and continuing to grow in their field, so they welcome the opportunity to offer a second opinion that helps you find the best possible health care.

If you need a second opinion, call Total Urology Care of New York or schedule an appointment online today.

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