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To combat impotence and its effects on your life, visit our expertly trained team at Total Urology Care of New York in the heart of Midtown West Manhattan. We can check for causes and provide relevant treatments. A man who is unable to have an erection or hold the erection for long enough suffers from impotence, another term for erectile dysfunction (ED). Think about seeing your urologist for help with this problem and its impact on your life.

Male Sexual Health Q & A

What are causes of impotence?

Many different issues in the body can lead to erection difficulty. Often, impotence happens because you have an unrelated health condition that is affecting your erections. The problem could be diabetes, a hormone imbalance, an enlarged prostate, heart disease, or other health issues. It’s also possible that the cause of your ED is an injury, surgery, medication you’re taking, or the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Your doctor will give you a physical exam and ask you questions to try to pinpoint the cause of your problem. It could involve various aspects of your health, including physical problems and/or mental concerns.

How will impotence affect my life?

Impotence can create problems that go beyond the bedroom. In addition to interfering with a healthy sex life, this issue can lead to relationship concerns and the inability to get your partner pregnant. You and your partner could end up dealing with stress, anxiety, self-esteem problems, and similar mental and emotional issues. Nonetheless, it’s important to work on overcoming these related issues because they can worsen your ED problems. For instance, if you have anxiety or stress over not getting an erection, this might make it harder to get an erection the next time. Think about going to psychological counseling to deal with this side of impotence.

What are treatments for impotence?

To begin with, your doctor would want to rule out an underlying health condition that could be creating the ED. If you have a health condition, such as diabetes, your doctor would focus on treating that and the impotence might improve itself. If a health condition is not the problem, then your doctor could suggest treatment specifically for erection difficulty. Commonly, a doctor would prescribe a medication. The main ones work to relax muscles and encourage blood flow, creating the right conditions for an erection. Your doctor might instead suggest a different kind of medication, penile implants, surgery, or other solutions.

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